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TridentRISK corporate solutions bring new levels of preparedness and intelligence to your company.


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TridentRED private clients get comprehensive access to TRG and response — anywhere in the world.

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Real-life scenarios training that builds lifelong skill enhancements and awareness.

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imageNeighborhood Safety Lake Highlands Residents Attend Safety Seminars

Women reach out to Trident Response Group for safety seminar

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Trident Response Group holds neighborhood self defense classes

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CBS DFW: Lake Highlands Residents Flooding Self Defense Classes

Trident Response Group holds safety seminar for over 100 women

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imagePrivate Client Membership

TridentRED: Provides a relationship-driven and scalable solution to personal and family risk.

Total Access, Annual Assessments, Training

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D Magazine: CEO Security — Dallas Executives Learn to Fight Back

Trident Response Group: A risk-management firm founded by US Navy veterans.

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What does your "Ready" look like?

Everyone's "Ready" looks different. TRG is an exclusive service for families, businesses, and individuals that desire to be safe, informed, and ready. We constantly innovate services and tools for leaders to better understand and deal with risk as families, businesses, and individuals. We use our skills, scars and trusted relationships earned in special operations, intelligence, rescue and law enforcement careers to protect our clients' families and their ability to provide for theirs and those entrusted to them.



New Office: 1319 Crampton St, Dallas, TX 75207


  • "TridentREADY was a unique experience for my clients. Corporate golf outings will forever be replaced by Trident events."
-Matt on READY Corporate Events
  • "I shudder to think back to what I didn't know. Trident Response builds security and freedom through awareness and life skills."
-RED Member, Lisa


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