TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

About TRG
TRG is an elite risk and threat solutions firm that helps anticipate and solve problems for influential decision-makers.

TRG's History
TRG was born from the recovery and rescue efforts necessitated by Hurricane Katrina. Our founders, known
by their special operations careers, were asked by the Fairmont Hotel to mount a rescue operation for
more than 500 individuals stranded at their hotel in the middle of New Orleans.

Upon their return to Dallas, after a remarkably successful mission, numerous prominent families and
businesses asked our founders to help them better plan for, equip, and be ready for the 1% scenarios that
leaders must consider. As a result, TRG’s personalized risk solutions practice was created.

TRG's Mission
TRG assists leaders, businesses, and families with problem solving and managing risks. Through coaching, we help
our clients understand how to respond to realistic risks on their own.

TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

Due Diligence Investigative Services
TRG's Risk department provides a wide range of investigative and risk mitigation services throughout the
United States and abroad. TRG serves a wide variety of customers, including law firms, private equity groups,
publicly owned companies, and small business owners.

We have more than a century of combined special operations, national intelligence,
law-enforcement, and international business experience.

Due Diligence Investigative Services
TRG provides investigative & due diligence services for business leaders and decision makers. TRG enables
informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to our clients.
Most commonly, TRG assists potential buyers and investors obtain the required knowledge and information
needed to adequately evaluate individuals or target companies prior to a joint venture, acquisition, or merger.

Confidentail Investigations
TRG offers the following confidential investigative services:

Security Risk Mitigation
TRG provides security risk mitigation consulting and services to our clients on a
global basis in the following capacities:

Social Media Monitoring
TRG’s advanced software enables us to monitor and analyze social media sites in real time. Sophisticated
algorithmic technology enables us to source and filter relevant information and present it to our customer.

TRG’s investigative service can provide monitoring for:

Executive Protection
TRG provides executive protection services in the United States and abroad. TRG’s global reach is
second to none in providing a comprehensive range of personal protection services:

READY4 Home and Corporate Risk Assessments
How does a READY4 Home or Corporate Assessment benefit your family or business?

The READY4 assessment identifies reasonable and foreseeable risks to your family’s home or business.
Important factors, such as the number of family members or employees, behaviors, physical abilities,
ages, and any special needs are then taken into account. TRG’s assessment team then develops realistic,
effective, and economically viable solutions to help mitigate those risks.

READY4 Home and Corporate Risk Assessments
How does TRG’s READY4 Emergency Response Plan (ERP) benefit your family or business?

TRG’s ERP is based on our READY4 methodology - Out, Protect, Treat, and Shelter. The ERP provides
courses of action to mitigate potential risk events for your home or business. These events include
medical emergencies, evacuations, security or active shooter scenarios, and severe weather events.
The ERP includes thoughtfully laid out action plans, detailed maps, contact information, and
emergency information specific to your home or business.

TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

What can TRG's Ready department do for you?
READY is our training division. The READY coaches give clients the knowledge and
skills to become (and remain) READY in their own life.

TRG is not your standard firearm training company. Instead of hosting large group handgun 101 courses,
we focus on tailoring our training solutions to meet your specific needs. Utilizing our READYlab, real weapons,
and non-lethal Simunition® ammunition, we are able to provide a safe, realistic training environment.

TRG offers training, such as:

What can TRG's Ready department do for you?
TRG’s READYcoaches are made up of combat veterans and other real world operators. Come
experience training from our experienced READYcoaches that has never before been available
to you, in a way that you will never forget.

TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

Ready Run Introduction Special
EnterTRAINments are group events. We want to give you a unique training experience in a way that is
entertaining. Serious. Fun. EnterTRAINments are available for groups ranging in size from two to sixty.
Catering, transportation, and additional event support is available. Meeting space is also available for groups
that would like to hold corporate meetings or dinners before or after their EnterTRAINment experience.

Ready Run Introduction Special
If you want to sample TRG’s training, the READYrun is the way to go. The READYrun is small group
(two to five persons) training specially geared for first timers. From the absolute firearm novice to the
experienced shooter, we will teach to your level and push you to improve. All necessary equipment
and safety equipment will be provided.

Ready Run Introduction Special
To accommodate our live fire needs, TRG has partnered with Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions
(ETTS) in Waxahachie, Texas, about 40 minutes south of our Dallas facility. Our coaches will work
with you on long range shooting, moving and firing, transitioning from carbine to handgun, drawing
from a holster, and much more. Courses of fire are available for training from 10 feet to 1,000 yards,
using pistols, carbines, and long guns.

TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

What can being a RED Member do for you?
The RED program has provided personalized risk services and coaching to leaders and their families.
Become “Ready Every Day” for your most realistic risks. The RED Membership is personalized and
designed to change with you and your circumstances. TRG tailors its services to proactively assist
with managing your concerns and realistic risks.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
All RED Memberships included the following services. Additional services are available and
customizable based on your life's risks and needs.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
RED members receive two hours of private coaching each month. Up to two people can attend each
training session. RED members can also gift their hours to friends, clients, and prospects, if desired.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
The READYline is a 24/7 “Hotline” monitored by TRG personnel. The READYline is not a 911 replacement,
but it is a RED member’s access to trusted advisors who can help them respond to risks and concerns.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
The READYlab is TRG’s personal safety and security performance facility. The READYlab enables clients
to increase their personal safety skills and confidence in a convenient, safe environment.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
TRG hosts impressive guest speakers. TRG has had the honor to host RED Talks featuring:
LtCol Allen B. West U.S. Army (Ret), Marcus Luttrell U.S. Navy SEAL author of “Lone Survivor,”
Col. Tom Manion USMC (Ret) author of “Brothers Forever,” Jake Harriman founder & CEO of Nuru
International, and Jason Redman U.S. Navy SEAL author of “The Trident” name a few.

RED Members are Ready Every Day
RED members receive discounts on all training and merchandise.

TRG tag line. We Exist To Keep Leaders, Businesses, and Families READY.

What can TRG's READYlab do for you?
"Going to the range does not always equal a great training session. I was a Special Operations Veteran. A
Navy SEAL Officer. And I'll be the first to admit I was blessed when it came to training. We were given
the opportunity to train in hyper-realistic scenarios and settings. We were given the opportunity to train with
the best coaches and subject matter experts in the world. We were given resources. We were given time. As
I transitioned to the private sector and became a father and entrepreneur, I came to a disappointing
conclusion. With my time, budget, standards and expectations ... there was no place to train. There was no
place in DFW that allowed me to stay ready for my realistic risks with the time that I had available. So we
built the READYlab and brought in the READYcoaches."
- Co-Founder & CEO

READYlab training features:

RED Members are Ready Every Day

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