“Mess With Me, Karma Will Do Its Job. Mess With My Family I Become Karma.”

In April of 2017, Trident Response Group (TRG) put together a special event just for women. It was so successful that we repeated it in January 2018 and we have been asked to run one or more every business quarter. It is our intent to do just that.

The program, “Women With Weapons” was born out of client requests, the ever evolving threats from terrorism, criminal activity, or natural disaster, plus the number of TRG employees who have daughters of all ages. Much like TRG’s, University Security and Campus Safety Course, most of the attendees believed that that their safety and security began with dialing 911. We disagreed and noted that if one were calling 911, they were in a reactive mode and that a negative event had already taken place. We wanted to promote a proactive approach uniquely for women of all ages, of any size and without excessive hours of training. Most importantly, it needed to be equally offensive and defensive in options.

We began by asking simple questions with practical scenarios to our spouses (wives and husbands), our children, our colleagues, and our clients. “What would you do if..?”  The answers ranged from “faint” to “I’ll blow their head off.”  We believed every answer we got was sincere. We knew we had several deterrents that fit well above passing out and below going to deadly force immediately.

We sought to create a sisterhood of fearless women who would come together, connect and continue to network long after the program was over. Something of a cyber led social media pride of lionesses. They would have a level of protective tenacity unmatched when it came to taking care of themselves, their family or their colleagues, in short, their Pride. We call it “Lessons of the Lioness.”

We looked at the patterns of life found in a pride of lions and came up with several observations. We would like to share a few of them with you in this blog.

Plan & Prepare

We knew there were some perceived misconceptions regarding one’s own personal safety and security. To address these honest responses, we made sure the take a way was simple and realistic. To cover the important aspects of safety and security, we focused on planning and preparing. In every presentation and practical exercise, planning, preparation and follow through were stressed. Like a pride of lionesses going on a hunt, they prepare, there is a plan of action and each lioness has a task to perform.

A Pride Works Together

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, “The strength of the pride is the lioness, and the strength of the lioness is the pride.”  This means that each individual lioness is considered an asset that reflects on the group, be it good or bad; by relying on the individual, the pride benefits. The individual lioness gains as much if not more from the pride and can make the individual lioness stronger. Being strong and independent doesn’t mean you have to exclusively rely on yourself. In difficult times, remember the Pride has your back.

A Pride Rarely Backs Down

We were fortunate in our first two events to have women from almost every stage in life and they shared some amazing insight. Starting at a young age, the majority women are socialized to be polite, be feminine and not to be aggressive. This social wiring is designed to suppress the inner lioness and places a negative connotation on the word “predator.” We are taught that a predator’s personality traits are bad and that predators are dangerous. A lioness is focused and proactive about protecting what is theirs. A single lioness is dangerous, but a Pride of lionesses is a powerful entity of conviction that rarely backs down to a threat.

A Pride Overcomes Fear of Failure

It’s OK to be afraid as long as you don’t let it paralyze you. Don’t be afraid to try something and fail. We want to encourage boldness, so if one does fail, they recover and move on. One way to alleviate fear is to think logically and with reality about a situation. A lioness thinks about herself but focuses on what the Pride needs. They rationalize the facts seen, like them or not and they accept the situation for what it is. The lioness knows the world is not fair, navigates through it anyway and knows there is more than one way to get things done. A lioness is resourceful and believes in her abilities and knows that what can’t be won today, can be won tomorrow. When something happens, coup with the fear, react accordingly and put your plan in to action.

We at Trident Response Group are very excited to offer these types of events as often as possible. While we may be the instructors, what we learn at the events from our attendees is always eye opening.  We invite you down to Trident Response Group to come and discuss these events like “Lessons for the Lioness” and our other programs designed to keep you, your family, your colleagues and your business safe and secure.

“It doesn’t matter what’s in front of her, she knows who’s behind her.”