TRG's Services are designed to make you, your family, and your businesses READY.

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Since 2005, Trident Response Group has been a solutions services provider and risk advisor to critical decision makers around the globe. Our experts are former military, law enforcement, intelligence, and rescue professionals and successful business leaders.  This provisions a diversity of thought critical to creating the best plans and correct courses of action in response to client needs. TRG’s swift investigations and security operations will provide enriched confidence and certainty as you lead your business, family, and yourself.

Our diverse service offerings are tailored to your unique individual, family, and business needs. Our goal is to produce and maintain a thoughtful overwatch of your “most reasonable and foreseeable risks,” reducing event probability and enabling TRG to respond expertly and swiftly during a risk event. 

Engaging TRG to support the readiness of your family, business, and most critical relationships produces certainty and peace-of-mind in increasingly uncertain times. Knowing you – and they – are resilient, confident and READY. Call Us Now to see what we can do for you.

Private Investigations

Corporate, civil, criminal or domestic, Trident has you covered with a host of private investigation services.

Self-Defense School

Whether armed or unarmed, Trident Provides Individual, Family or Group Training.

Security Services

Tailored security services for small businesses to large, publicly traded corporations.

Enhanced Background Checks

Investigative due diligence that provides a clear picture of the counter-party prior to closing the deal.

Risk Assessments

Risk, threat, safety, and vulnerability assessments for residential properties to large corporations.

Social Media Listening

Advanced software allows us to efficiently monitor and analyze social media activity.

Executive Protection

Close protection that mitigates risk for high-profile individuals wherever their interests take them.


Travel Safety & Security

Secure travel services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized, safe solutions.


Group Team Building Activities

EnterTRAINments, provided by our sister company, HOLDFAST, are a unique spin on group and corporate team building activities.