TRG Provides Enhanced Background Checks Domestically and Internationally

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Enhanced Background Checks

Risk – Due Diligence


TRG provides enhanced background checks and investigative due diligence services for business leaders and decision makers. TRG’s tailored and interactive reports enable informed decision making by providing quality information in an easy to read format with all of the supporting documentation. That is to say, we believe in “showing our work” and not just pasting links at the bottom of the pages. Most commonly, we assist potential buyers and investors obtain the required knowledge and information needed to adequately evaluate individuals or target companies prior to a joint venture, acquisition, or merger. However, it is not uncommon for us to support a law firm in its litigation efforts. The due diligence office works closely with our private investigation group to help solve complex issues or to help find that all important nugget of information.

Investigative Due Diligence

Combining public record research, skilled web queries, and human source contacts around the world, TRG attempts to find as much detailed information as possible about a target’s employment and mangagement background, reputations, ethical or unethical history, regulatory compliance, undisclosed interests, litigation outside of the norms for the industry, and non-disclosure/misrepresentation of material facts. TRG’s due diligence has been used in transactions valued up to $750 million. We pride ourselves in always being on-time and providing quality information at a reasonable price. Give us a call to see if we can help you with your next investment.

Other Investigative Services


Private Investigations

Corporate, civil, criminal or domestic, Trident has you covered with a host of private investigation services.

Social Media Listening

Advanced software allows us to efficiently monitor and analyze social media activity.