TRG Provides Discreet, Flexible, and Well-Planned Executive Protection Services in Dallas and Around the World

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Executive Protection

Risk – Security

Executive Protection OVERVIEW

Unfortunately, security and executive protection is a requirement in today’s uncertain world. TRG provides comprehensive Executive Protection options to maximize the safety and security of the protected. Executive Protection is more than putting a suit on a bodybuilder. TRG incorporates multiple levels of planning and layers of protection, according to your personal needs and the requirements the destination/s demand. 

The Process

Our client’s safety is paramount and we will only do a job that can be done well. In order to ensure the system works as designed, and the job is done right, there are several steps we may need to take. TRG may have to perform a current threat analysis and assessment, use our global network for current intelligence, liaison with local authorities, or more. Give us a call and let us put a custom plan together for you, your family, or your company. Every situation is different. We may only need to be covert and watch for bad actors, bad behaviors, or bad situations from a distance. We may need to use “close” protection and be near the protected and be more overt in our actions. Or, we may need to incorporate both. There are a multitude of options that may or may not be required for your particular situation. Contact us and let us discuss what TRG can do for you.

Other Security Services

Risk Assessments

Risk, threat, safety, and vulnerability assessments for residential properties to large corporations.

Travel Safety & Security Services

Travel Safety & Security services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized, safe solutions.