TRG Risk Assessments - When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Safety & Security Measures and Procedures?

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Risk Assessments


Risk Assessment Overview

TRG calculates your risk by the number of threats + the number of vulnerabilities. TRG cannot remove every threat. But, in light of that, we will help you to limit or eliminate your vulnerabilities. In turn, your overall threat and risk profile is reduced. Our security and risk assessment experts will observe, record and analyze your current readiness posture and provide you and your family, company, or school with a detailed, easy to read report. Additionally, our report includes specific recommendations listed in order of importance and tailored to your specific needs, locale, and current area crime statistics.

Emergency Response Plan

TRG’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP), is an add-on available after we complete your assessment. Together with our assessment the ERP is a powerful tool. To create the most effective plan ,we use our READY4 methodology – Out, Protect, Treat, and Shelter.  TRG provides courses of action to mitigate potential risk events for your home or business. Furthermore, TRG readies you for events, such as medical situations, evacuations, security alerts, active shooter scenarios, and severe weather events. We then provide a final product which includes thoughtfully laid out action plans, detailed maps, contact information, and emergency information specific to the event that is unfolding.

Other Security Services

Executive Protection

Close protection that mitigates risk for high-profile individuals wherever their interests take them.

Travel Safety & Security Services

Travel Safety & Security services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized, safe solutions.