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Social media listening

Risk – Intelligence


Social Media Listening, also know as social media monitoring, using TRG’s advanced software and highly trained and intuitive personnel, enables TRG to monitor and analyze social media activity in real-time. TRG uses these sophisticated algorithms to use monitoring strategies efficiently and filter relevant information from a large data set. By the same token, these tools allow us to quickly present the most relevant and accurate information our client. TRG’s clients using these services are schools that want to monitor ‘chatter’, businesses that want to keep an eye out for negative or threatening terms, and many other groups that want to take a proactive stance in an ever changing cyber threat landscape.


An Excerpt from our Blog: Why Didn’t We See it Coming?

Preventing the Next One

No true profile exists for an active shooter. But, prior to an event the behavior patterns and indicators are there:

  1. A recent acquisition or new access to multiple weapons
  2. A recent escalation in target practice and weapons training
  3. A new and inappropriate interest in explosives
  4. Intense fascination with previous shootings or mass attacks
  5. Resistance and overreaction to changes in policies and procedures
  6. Unsolicited comments about dangerous weapons and violent crimes

Prediction can seem daunting when a mass killing is framed only within the context of the shooting.  However, let’s think about the last two school shootings at Parkland in Florida and in Santa Fe in Texas.  Let’s say you were a groundskeeper or a front office worker and you observed those boys reflecting one or more of the above indicators, what else could you do to calm your worry or plant your red flag?  Imagine seeing some of the above indicators in their social media post weeks or months before the first shot is fired. Despite how they are portrayed by the news media, active shooter attacks do not start with the first shot.  When contemplating the best way to deal with an active shooter, the following questions need to be asked:

  1. If I do nothing and hope nothing happens, what then?
  2. If I do nothing and it does happen, how do I explain it?
  3. If I do something and nothing happens, what then?
  4. If I do something and it happens, how are the people I tried to protect?

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