TRG's Self-Defense School has you covered. From private training to hone your skills to full blown active shooter response training.

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Ready Department


Our self-defense school is run by TRG’s READY department. Our talented team of coaches include military veterans and former law enforcement officers, all of whom have extensive real-world combat and police experience. Furthermore, if you have never held a gun or if you are an experienced gun owner, TRG’s coaches will make you feel welcome and comfortable while ensuring they are 100% focused on your training. Likewise, they will impart their relevant skills & knowledge. Our self-defense school provides Personal, Family or Group Training on a variety of disciplines depending on your needs. You will never become bored with repetitive training, since our curriculum with adjust and advance with you.


Handgun Training,
Personal Protection

We offer a variety of self-defense, personal protection, handgun and weapons training courses through both group and private training sessions. Utilizing our READYLab, real weapons, and non-lethal Simunition® ammunition, we are able to provide an exclusive and realistic training experience in a safe environment.

Our READYLab includes a 360 degree indoor shooting range, and our dynamic indoor shoot house.  Our facility is designed for an ultimate and comprehensive experience where our clients learn to master their weapons, defend themselves hand-to-hand, clear a room safely and respond to realistic threats with skill and precision.

Contact us to learn about our upcoming group training courses, or to schedule a tour and learn about our personal training options.

Firearms Safety & Fundamentals

 TRG’s Instructors Will Teach You Firearms 101

Family Training

Learn Important Life Skills to Handle Chaotic Events

Corporate Readiness Lessons

Steps to Take to Difuse a Life-Threatening Situation

College Students

Learn Techniques to Minimize Your Risk and Threat Profile 

Firearms: Use & Manipulation

Weapon Fundamentals, Multiple Target Acquisition, Shooting While Moving & More

Retention Drills

Learn to Shoot in Close Quarters, While Retaining Possession of Your Firearm

Private Training

One on One Private Lessons Taught by Combat Veterans

Long Range Shooting

Nothing Like Training on the Long Gun!

Live Fire Training

Tactical and Readiness Training with Recent Combat Veterans 

Multiple Target Acquisition

Enhance Your Performance on the Range and Under Fire

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